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Nutritional Counseling & Micronutrient Testing

Our bodies function at their highest when we look at full circle wellness. One area to examine includes food and what we put into our bodies and how our bodies operate at a cellular level. 

In addition to excellent chiropractic care, Dr. Shae does nutritional counseling and micronutrient testing. The precise lab evaluation allows for accurate answers toward what micro-nutrient deficiencies you have, and we can supplement and eat according to what your body actually needs. 


Micronutrient tests are processed through SpectraCell Labs. This gives the most accurate look at vitamin, mineral, amino/fatty acids, antioxidants and metabolite levels. Once the results are completed, Dr. Shae consults with a physician from SpectraCell. From there, Dr. Shae gives her recommendations on potential supplements or nutrition to add into your lifestyle. 

SpectraCell also has testing available for hormones, thyroid, cardio-vascular wellness, pre-diabetic screening, omega check and other "add-ons." 

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