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Successes to Celebrate

​We chose Breath of Life out of recommendation from our doula. Out son was experiencing gas and reflux that was not being resolved by anything that we tried. We did not see medication as an option, so we turned to chiropractic care. We were frustrated and exhausted as parents to a newborn that we we couldn't console due to his gas and reflux. 

We cannot thank Dr. Shae enough because with in two visits he was a new baby! He no longer has any issues with gas or reflux, and we have a piece of mind knowing that he is feeling well and sleeping safely. My wife and I cannot say enough good things about Breath of Life and we are constantly referring people so they are able to improve their health and change the way they view their overall healthier. Dr. Shae is a wealth of knowledge and after ever visit, we feel educated and empowered about the choices we make. 

-ES & BS