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Pregnancy Preparation

Did you know...

The egg you grew from was created inside your maternal grandmother's womb when she was pregnant with
your mother?

What can you do? 

{ 1 } Eat a nutrient dense diet during preconception, this may include:

- Organic foods

- Homemade broth

- Pastured, raw dairy

- Whole eggs and egg yolks (pastured)

- Pastured meats (with the fat)

- Healthy fats (butter, lard, avocados, coconut oil)

- Leafy greens

- Fruits and vegetables

- Fermented foods

{ 2 } Support your body's increasing needs with nutritional supplements -

       ideally starting 6-12 months before conception

- Prenatal (whole food based, non-GMO)

- Probiotic, one that contains multiple strains 

- Magnesium

- DHA Omega-3 Oil or Fermented Cod Liver Oil

- Vitamin D3 with K2

- Multi B-Complex

{ 3 } Receive chiropractic care

As you've already learned from most of this web page, chiropractic care in the form of specific adjustments help improve the nervous system and the way your body works. It only makes sense that you would want optimal body function within the mother's and father's bodies as you prepare to make and grow a baby. What an exciting time!

Suggestions gratefully shared from One Generation Nonprofit.

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